Terms & Conditions

The following Terms & Conditions are applicable for all the products, proceedings, deals and other business and non business related process & actions.

‘Package(s)’, which expression, shall unless it be re-pungent to the subject or content thereof include anything displayed on this website DNA as ‘PecracoseTravels.com

‘Destination’, which expression, shall unless it be re-pungent to the subject or content thereof include any destination displayed on this website DNA as ‘PecracoseTravels.com’

  • Traveler shall carry Government PHOTO ID as specified by Government.
  • Traveler shall follow the Check IN/ Check Out Schedule for Accommodation and Travel services. PecracoseTravels is not liable for loss due to schedule overrun.
  • The prices represented for the packages are the lowest costs and are subject to change with change in cost by Hotel, Resort, Accommodation Partner, Travel Partner and such Business Associates.
  • The packages are subject to Availability at the respective Accommodation or Travel Partner.
  • The prices of packages may vary with any changes in Government or Statutory taxes.
  • The package and price are general offering. The prices and offerings in Hospitality Industry are dynamic and may change on day to day basis. Usual frequency is once in 2-3 months. The prospective customers shall contact to the exact package and prices on deal to deal basis.
  • Change of date, PAX size, Cancellations and Refunds are subject to
    • Rules/terms and conditions of the Hotel, Resort, Accommodation Partner, Travel Partner and such Business Associates.
    • Level of progress carried by PecracoseTravels towards processing the order.
  • Orders will be processed only after the Amount is received in Cash or is updated in Account by NEFT/RTGS
  • Foreign Currency can be converted using conversion services. Contact Us in case of such need.
  • Destinations can be updated and deleted on sole decision by PecracoseTravels.
  • PecracoseTravels has no ownership in event of any luggage misplace or loss during any travel.
  • Other such rules to safeguard PecracoseTravels interest in the events where PecracoseTravels has no control or say including events due to Natural Forces or in events of errors by the Business Associates.
  • There may or maynot be any promocode available. Prospective Customer can ask on mail if any promocode is available.

Team PecracoseTravels